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That moment when I discovered we were out of bananas.



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This made my day, haha


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Lost 38 pounds in 4 months! I am 5’6” tall. The left pic was taken January 13, 2013 at 223 pounds. The pic on the right was taken May 14, 2013 and I weighed 185 pounds. Size 18s were getting very tight on me in January, and I am now buying size 12s for the first time since 5 kids ago!  LOL
I blamed family genetics (lots and lots of obesity in my family!) for many years of being overweight. In January, after being inspired by The Biggest Loser, I decided to really try hard. I started eating healthier (lots of salads), totally quit drinking calories except for occasionally milk (huge change in calorie intake with that alone), and started running 5 days a week and lifting weights a couple times a week. I have 5 kids at home, so it has been a challenge to find time, but has been so worth it.  I feel better than I ever thought I would feel again.  I played softball in college and I can’t believe that in 4 short months, at age 41, I am in better shape than I was then!  The constant comments from people who notice the loss has been a huge incentive for me.   (Sorry if my face looks creepy in the second pic…I couldn’t figure out how to cover my face for anonymity and somehow it finally did but with a hand…..)

Hi! My name is Megan, and I’m actually new to this whole Tumblr thing. 
I’m 5’4, so I’m a shortie…
My Ultimate Goal is to be between 115 and 132.
I guess I’m still in my “during phase” but I just made it a quarter of the way there.  
Highest weight was 330.
I’ve lost 51lbs since October, and I couldn’t be happier. My current weight is 278.
Have any questions? Just let me know. :)

When I finish a workout I didn’t want to do



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You’re perfect, I hate you

Caption on Pinterest: Summer salad with fresh vegetables, goat cheese and a light vinaigrette
OMG! This looks absolutely mouthwatering! I’m sure the fact that I’m starving and my cabinets are essentially bare has nothing to do with it. ;) 

so May begins. & my new habit begins, again. Healthy Lifestyle. This time, bf is joining me ❤ & give me support. #food #fruits #healthy #lifestyle #diet #grapes #kiwi #mango #strawberry #logan #rambutan #colours #colourful #cereal #frosties #cookiescrips #salads #cleaneating #change

omg my childhood was based on a lie

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“i like curvy girls” aka you like girls with flat stomachs and skinny legs but with huge boobs and a huge arse

god bless this post.


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